Selling Season

Every year I learn more about “The Market”. To my soon to be in line of work there is the script market. As my professors tell me the entertainment industry is about be able to sell. Last year I learned about 70 and higher percent of all the scripts sold on the market will never be produced. So theoretically I could make a living selling words that will never come to life. It could be worse but part of the fun in script writing is seeing your imagination come to life, in a way. Recently I’ve been learning more about the market. I found a website with current information on such things. For instance I just read that there are seasons when it is best try to sell a script, or a pitch. The fall season started very recently. Basically I’m learning the ins and outs of the industry right now, at least trying. I imagine it can only help if the day ever comes I fell confident enough in a script when I try to find someone to buy it.


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